Allbird Conservation... BCR 22

Breakout Session (March 5-6, 2003, Salina, KS)
Eastern Tallgrass Prairie in Kansas

Private Land… Prioritized Issues

  1. Fragmentation
    * Urban and housing developments
    * Commercial
    * Wind power
  2. Research and data collection
    * Using demonstration areas of patch burn and other grazing regimes
  3. Current fire regimes/grazing systems fail to meet wildlife needs
    * Incentives needed to change
    * Invasive species
    * Sericea lespedeza
    * Cedar, locust, osage orange

Public Lands… Prioritized Issues

  1. Education of Public Land Mgrs.
    * Public lands inventory
    * Habitat management meetings
    * Tours to other wildlife areas
    * Develop a peer list for reference
  2. Invasive species
    * Identification
    * Management techniques
    * Funding needed
  3. Ecosystem management vs. species specific management
    * Address policy conflicts
    * Site specific plans that incorporate ecosystem/species management
  4. Marketing and modeling for outreach advocacy
  5. Funding and manpower