What is Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife rehabilitation involves caring for injured, ill and orphaned wild animals with the goal of releasing each into its natural habitat.

Critics of wildlife rehabilitation advocate "Let nature take its course," indicating that distressed wild animals should be allowed to remain free to meet their natural fate.

The majority of injured, ill and orphaned wild animals handled by rehabilitators are suffering not because of "natural" occurrences, but because of human intervention -- some accidental, some intentional, many preventable: autos, trains, mowers, high line wires, firearms, traps, kids throwing stones, picture windows, poisons, pets, etc.

Rehabilitators ease the suffering of these animals by either caring for them until they can be released or humanely euthanizing them.

The rehabilitator is a valuable link in helping our wildlife. To find a rehabilitator in your area, click on the Current Rehabilitators in Kansas List.


If you have any further questions regarding wildlife rehabilitation, please contact Fisheries and Wildlife Division at the Pratt Operations Office, or contact the Regional Office closest to you.