Prairie Spirit Trail News

Trail Update


It's a great day to visit a trail.  Wildlife, wildflowers, and diverse habitats and communities await your viewing pleasure out on the Prairie Spirit Trail.  On your journey be sure to stop at the rest benches along the trail and take a look at the trail information guides.  Each guide gives visitors three things that they may be able to see on the trail.  They were placed for the trail as an Eagle Scout project by Nathan Wiltsey.

Remember the Prairie Spirit Trail hooks into two other trails which will lead you into yet more trails and communities. To the South in Iola, the Southwind trail hooks to the Prairie Spirit and travels from Iola to Humboldt in Allen County.  This trail is fully complete and well maintained.  Allen County also has the Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail, Centennial Trail and the Lehigh Portland Trail.

To the North the Prairie Spirit connects with the Flint Hills Nature Trail (FHNT) in Ottawa.  The FHNT travels from Osawatomie to Herrington.  This trail is open in many areas, and where open is well maintained.  There are currently no restrooms or water fountains next to the FHNT and some of it is still under construction so plan accordingly.  Some of the most beautiful landscapes, bridges, and wildlife can be seen from these trail systems.

If you haven't seen the new work that the three large communities (Ottawa, Garnett, Iola) along the Prairie Spirit Trail have put into their systems, I urge you to investigate.  New signs, trails, primitive camping, a bicycle repair station, a farmer's market, and trail access have been placed in these destinations.  The amount of work that volunteers and the cities do for these areas is astounding.

Timer Guys offers Ultra Marathon races on the trail in the Spring and Fall.  Some of the most positive and determined people I have ever met have participated in these runs.  Two distances are usually offered.  One at 50 miles and the other 100 miles.  If you are looking for a challenge, this would be one to put on your list.


Jim Manning

Ranger, Prairie Spirit Trail