Sand Hills State Park News

New projects are horse manure bunks and pads for the dumpsters to set on.  Future plans include a shelter and year-round bathroom.  We are working on the bunks and pads now but are hopeful to start the other plans soon.

Trail permits are no longer required at Sand Hills State Park. It is now like other state parks in Kansas where a vehicle permit is required on vehicles entering the park or parking in the lots.

Another future endeaver will be cabins. We are looking forward to having 3 cabins available for use some time soon. Plans are under way at this time. Be sure to check out the cabin at the State Fair to see what the cabins will resemble.

2014 Trail Rider

The North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRCâ„¢) will be holding its second annual trail ride competition April 10-12, 2015 at the Sand Hills State Park in Kansas. The event will be held to increase awareness about NATRC and the new equine camping facilities at Sand Hills State Park.

Ride manager, Liz Klamm, explains, "NATRC is a non-profit organization that provides distance competitive trail rides for riders of all equine breeds and from all disciplines. For over 54 years, through these rides we have been educating and informing horse folks about how to care for and manage horses ridden over long distances. The competitors are friendly and helpful to new contestants."