News Articles about the Mobile Aquarium

Published 9/9/2008
By Tom Lang, KDWP
The 2008 Kansas State Fair proved to be an outstanding event for the Mobile Aquarium (MA). Despite poor weather for much of it, in ten days at the Fair the MA had approximately 126,000 visitors, including 41,000 youths. The MA participated in the Kansas Largest Classroom program and saw many scho ... Read More

Hutchinson New Article - Published online 9/4/2008 11:10 PM
Through creative foods, wacky contests and events, new adventures await.
By Amy Bickel - The Hutchinson News -
Creatures big and small.
Oh, and a few things ginormous, like a 20-foot rolling television, several-hundred-pound pumpkins and a hu ... Read More

Hutchinson News article - Published online 9/4/2008 11:15 PM
Off the beaten path, unusual discoveries await - like a 3,200-gallon fish tank.
By Amy Bickel - The Hutchinson News -
My favorite things to see at the Kansas State Fair aren't all on the standard state fair trail.
Sure, I'll admit there are ... Read More