Ottawa State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Largemouth Bass Fair to Good up to 6 lbs

We collected fair numbers during the last sample with fish up to 19 inches represented.  The best numbers of fish were found near the cattails and the overhanging trees in the water.  The fish are in excellent shape and should provide some nice bass angling. 

This time of year, anglers are advised to pull out the white and chartreuse spinnerbaits and slowly fish soft plastics.  Bass will move into the warmer, shallow water on sunny days and are willing to bite with the right presentation.

Bluegill Slow 4 to 6 Inches

Look for bluegill around the rocks on the piers and around any brush in the water. Worms and small jigs are a good bait.  These guys can be caught throughout the year using a variety of techniques.

We stocked 3,000 adult bluegill in October!

Channel Catfish Fair to Good 10-22 inches

Good numbers of stocked channel catfish are available to anglers using typical catfish techniques.  In the spring, the fish can be found lakewide and will often bite on chicken liver, shad sides, shad gizzards, and stinkbait.  Fall netting revealed the best numbers along the east bank in shallow water.

We stocked 5,000 additional catfish in August!

Saugeye Fair to Good 12-24 inches

Saugeye numbers are good, but most are less than 18 inches. Our fall 2016 sample included 75 saugeye of which only 8 were over 18 inches. Most will be caught on shad imitation baits, or jig and a worm.  We found the best numbers on the upper half of the reservoir in 4-5 feet of water last fall while test netting.

This time of year look for the saugeye to move toward the dam and rocky points for a false spawn.  They will behave somewhat like walleye and can be caught during low light conditions on floating rapalas and dark colored jigs.

We stocked 5,000 saugeye last spring!

Crappie Good Most 8-11 inches

Crappie numbers are stable, so angling will be fair/good on jigs and minnows along the dam and near brush/rocks.  There are a lot of 8-10 inch crappie right now, but fish between 12 and 14 inches can also be caught. 

This is probably the best bet to catch some fish as the crappie seem to begin biting before many other species.  Some anglers have been reporting crappie coming from the bank using minnows placed about 18 inches under a bobber.

General Comments

Water temperature: 45ºF


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