Woodson State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Bait, Method, Location
Largemouth Bass Fair up to 6 lbs.  The lake is full so there is a lot of good habitat to flip jigs and plastics into. Texas rigged creature baits should be pretty good or try suspending jerkbaits near deeper water. I would expect fish to move up in the shallower water and feed more actively with water temps. in the mid 50s.
Channel Catfish Fair up to 15+ lbs. Chicken livers or prepared bait along dropoffs or windy flats. The upper end when water is coming in can be pretty good. Do Not Tie Boats to Feeders!
Crappie Fair-Good up to 12"  A lot of smaller fish 6-9" remember there is no length limit on crappie at Woodson so feel free to keep these smaller fish. Focus on deeper water near brush 15-20 ft. on ledges and near brush. Fish should be holding on the habitat we placed last year find the coordinates at the website listed below.
Wipers Slow up to 5lbs. Shad imitations in open water or windy points, vertical jigging with spoons. Look for schools of shad and the wipers should be close.

Anglers please do your part to stop the spread of aquatic nuisance species (ANS). Clean, Drain, and Dry your boat and livewell after leaving a water body and do not transfer live fish or bait between water bodies

Water Temp. on 3-20 was 57

For more info. on lakes in the New Strawn district, click on the following link. New Strawn Fishing District Newsletter

62 Georgia Cube fish attractors have been added to the lake click the following link to access the Google Earth File.http://ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Locations/Hunting-Fishing-Atlas/Fishing-Atlas/GPS-KML-Information-Files/Google-KMZ-file-of-Artificial-Habitat-Fish-Attractor-GPS  

Woodson State Fishing Lake Brush Piles -