115-20-1. Crows; legal equipment, taking methods, and possession.

(a) Legal hunting equipment for taking crows shall consist of the following:

(1) Firearms, except fully automatic rifles and handguns and except shotguns and muzzleloading shotguns larger than 10 gauge or using other than shot ammunition;

(2) pellet and BB guns;

(3) archery equipment;

(4) falconry equipment;

(5) calls and decoys, except live decoys; and

(6) optical scopes or sights that project no visible light toward the target and do not electronically amplify visible or infrared light.

(b) The use of dogs shall be permitted while hunting.

(c) Hunting hours shall be from 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset.

(d) Any type of apparel may be worn while hunting crows.

(e) Crows may be shot or pursued by falconry means while the crow is in flight, on the ground, or perched.

(f) Legally taken crows may be possessed without limit in time and number and may be disposed of in any manner. However, crows shall not be purchased, sold, bartered, or offered for purchase, sale, or barter.

(g) Blinds and stands may be used while hunting. (Authorized by K.S.A. 32-807; implementing K.S.A. 32-807 and K.S.A. 32-1002; effective July 30, 1990; amended March 20, 1995; amended July 13, 2001; amended Feb. 18, 2005.)