Jeffrey Energy Center Wildlife Area News

Area News

Unit #2 dove fields will be closed Sept. 1-4th for Westar Energy's youth hunts and open back up on Sept. 5th to open public hunting. Approximately 8 acres of wheat and 5.5 acres of sunflowers were planted on the unit, with about 50% of the acres being fair and 50% being excellent stands. Please remember that in order to hunt Unit 2, you must check in through the guard shack.  

Unit #1 dove fields will not have any special regulations or restrictions, look for fair to good hunting. 2.5 acres of wheat and 2.1 acres of sunflowers were planted on the area one of the wheat fields was a loss due to the new transmission line installation on the area this spring bringing wheat acres down to 1.1 acres. 

Despite the windy spring, a good number of burns were completed to enhance grazing activity, grassland health, and benefit wildlife populations.  There are also several summer burns planned to set back woody encroachment and provide crucial upland bird habitat with varying stages of growth.