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Dove Season is right around the corner.  The fields look alright and have doves on them now.  Wheat will be burned in the next few weeks, and sunflowers will be mowed leaving strips for hunter concealment.  There is a special hunt opportunity on Unit #2 south of Tower Hill Rd. in which lucky hunters who are drawn will be able to hunt a field that was traditionally only used for the annual JEC Youth Dove Hunt.  Outside of the youth hunts this field does not see much hunting pressure because of the considerable distance from designated parking areas.  The special hunt allows hunters to park on the road near the field and does not require them to check in with the main security gate.  Unit #2 dove fields will not be open to public hunting until September 8th to allow for the Youth Hunt to be held.

Unit #1 dove fields will not have any special regulations or restrictions, and look good for hunting.

Attention:Aux Lake will be closed to the public on the following dates.

August 8-10, 2014

August 15-17, 2014

August 29- September 1, 2014

With cooperation from Westar strips have been planted along the edge of selected ag fields to provide year round upland bird habitat.  Despite the windy spring, a good number of burns were completed to enhance grazing activity, grassland health, and benefit wildlife populations.  There are also several summer burns planned to set back woody encroachment and provide crucial upland bird habitat with varying stages of growth. 

Even with the outbreak of EHD the region experienced last year there is still a thriving population of deer on the area. After the wheat is burned off for dove management the plan is to plant a cover crop mixture to improve soil quality and will provide late season food availability for deer and cover for upland birds.

2014 JEC Unit 1 Dove Map (PDF 6.46 MB)
2014 JEC Unit 2 Dove Map (PDF 23.16 MB)