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Dove Fields 2015: Due to the untimely flooding area wide all dove fields were a total loss.

The flooding also made waterfowl management difficult, and the area didn't dry up enough in time to plant crops in the ag fields.  The Black Vermillion Marsh had been full after the flood, but the decision was made to draw it down partially to try and promote moist soil plants to emerge and create habitat.  Good plant response followed, and now pumping will begin in the near future to provide water for waterfowl season.  The Olsburg Marsh does not have any means of controlling the water level, therefore at this time there is plenty of water but no food or cover to speak of for the waterfowl.  Since the fields were mostly left idle, an assortment of weeds came up that may make flushing a pheasant difficult, but it will be good for the wildlife during the winter months.