Wilson Reservoir Waterfowl Refuge 2007

Despite some good inflows, the lake remains approximately three feet below conservation pool. A refuge area with deeper water continues to be an important factor for increasing fall

Canada Goose use. While the water portion of the refuge designated on the west end in 1996 has been effective for Sandhill cranes and other early migrants, the shallow water freezes earlier which is bad for late season migrants like Canada Geese and mallards. The deeper waterfowl refuge, added last year, is being continued with some modifications added in 2007. In order to better take advantage of existing conditions the refuge is being increased to the west and reduced on the south. The refuge area will be closed to all activities from October 1, 2007 to March 1, 2008. Waterfowl hunting should improve this year with some flooded shoreline vegetation around the reservoir.

For more information, questions or concerns please contact Greg Nichols at the Wilson Area Office (785) 658-2465 or (785) 658-5228.