Wilson Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers 200 teal
Mallard Migration Rank

Mallard Migration Rank = 0

The Mallard Migration Rank is subjective and ranges from 0 (no mallards) to 10 (Peak Mallard Numbers)

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Water level 1506.63 ft; 9.4 ft below conservation pool.  Near record low elevation
Hunting conditions Good along river west of refuge; Horseshoe bend is dry; most shorelines are exposed mudflats; shallow water conditions from Elm Creek Bluffs going west; birds loafing along exposed islands on west end
Expected hunting success Fair

Cedar Creek and Elm Creek boat ramps are NOT OPEN due to low water conditions

Refuge CLOSED SEPT 1 through JAN 31

Contact Corps of Engineers at 785-658-2551 for hunting restrictions around Minooka, Lucas and Sylvan Parks

Contact Wilson State Park at 785-658-2465 ext. 1 for hunting restrictions around Hell Creek & Otoe Parks

To track the 2015-2016 waterfowl migration and post your hunting results visit Ducks Unlimited's Migration Map by clicking the link below:

Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Migration Map