West Wade Dove Field 2

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West Wade Dove Field 2
GPS: 38.67394 -94.943323

Type: Dove Field

The Facility is not ADA Compliant


Area 2 – East(Field 3) and West(Field 2) Wade Dove Fields- Areas are located North of the Wades Branch access area. East and West Wade Dove Fields will be NON-TOXIC Shot ONLY this year. Habitat: The fields are made up of approximately 12 acres of sunflowers/weeds. Sunflowers look better in the West Field 2, with cleaner rows, but both fields produced seed and should offer some decent hunting opportunity. There is also 3 acres of Pheasants Forever food plot mix in the middle of Field 2. ATTENTION: With the East and West Fields being so close to Wades Branch Wetlands, the fields will be NON-TOXIC Shot ONLY. Hunters will be ticketed if caught hunting with Lead Shot in the area.

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