Byron Walker Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Duck numbers are fluctuating around 200-400.  200 Canadian geese are using the lake.  All still water is iced up approaching 1 inch thickness. 
Water level Kingman State Fishing Lake is about 12 inches low due to work being done to the dam and dry weather.  All the main marshes north and west of the lake are full.  Two of the three marshes south of highway 54 have some water however they are not full and have limited space for ducks to land.
Hunting conditions The lake and marshes are open.  WARNING-New rip rap has been added to the Kingman State Lake dam and until the metal has been removed, it poses a hazard to hunters, fishermen, and their dogs. Marshes have excellent food plants available once they get flooded. 
Expected hunting success Fair
Comments The hunting permits required for the past several years have been eliminated. Hunters do not need a daily permit to hunt.