Elk City Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers We have been seeing around 3000 ducks.  Some mallards, teal, shovelers, gadwall, pintail, a few widgeon, and wood duck and divers.  No new push of ducks this week.  Most have been flying off the reservoir during the day.
Water level Reservoir near pool level.  Reservoir flooded up this summer 17 ft. Shoreline vegetation was impacted but recovered well. Wetlands west of town have limited water due to drier conditions in that area and limited run off.  Some smaller pools and ponds have received run off and are in better condition.
Hunting conditions Simmons Marsh upgrades started in August and are completed for the year.  A new Water Control Structure was installed in Simmons Marsh and dirt work is done for the year.  Borrow areas and shoreline erosion were repaired.  Some excellent smartweed responses.  Planted millet areas suffered during the drought period.
Expected hunting success Conditions good.  Hunting fair.  Big marshes need significant run off.
Comment For updated waterfowl numbers and weather conditions call (620) 331-6820. Individuals utilizing the wildlife area need to be aware of the refuge boundaries. Maps can be obtained at the Fisheries & Wildlife office (below the dam) or at the State Park (on the lake side).