John Redmond Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Big ducks starting to arrive!  500 Mallards, 200 Gadwalls, few groups of Pintails, Redheads, and Canvasback.  1500 mixed teal including Green Wing and Blue Wing. 
Water level Current Level: 1041.77   Conservation Pool Level: 1041.0
Hunting conditions  Still lots of water, all pasture ponds and watersheds are full so birds are very scattered.  Some loafing on upper marsh below dam.   Boat ramp on Otter Creek is currently open, but really deep in silt and debris.  Awaiting it to dry out some more and will hopefully have completely open, prior to the Nov. 12 Opener.     Still expecting  a phenomenal waterfowl year, if water levels will cooperate.  Lower marsh will not be filled this season, as it needs a dry down and infrastructure project completion.  The large sedimentation basins located below damn are not open to public hunting and are under private ownership, but should benefit all, as protected loafing areas that are out of the wind.
Expected hunting success  Closed till Nov. 12, 2016
Comments For information on Flint Hills National Wildlife Area and the marshes on the upper end of the lake please contact FHNWR @ 620-392-5553.