Archery in the Schools


The Kansas Archery in the Schools Program promotes student education and participation in the shooting sports. The focus of the program is to provide international style target archery training in 4th – 12th grade physical education classes. The Kansas Archery in the Schools Program operates under the umbrella of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). This program can:

  • Improve school attendance
  • Increase self esteem
  • Increase physical activity
  • Translate into subject matter
  • Appeal to all students
  • Get kids out-of-doors
  • Become an after-school activity
  • Truly change lives!

Archery is a sport nearly everyone can be successful at regardless of age, size or physical ability. Statistics show that school archery programs engage more students in the educational process, improve classroom performance and reduce drop-out rates. Find out how your school can get involved today!

Who’s it For?

The Archery in the Schools Program is designed to introduce target archery in 4th through 12th grade physical education classes during the school day.

Kansas Involvement

Kansas adopted the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). Currently, approximately 300 teachers representing 130 schools have completed the Basic Archery Instructor training.


Teachers must attend a one day training session conducted by a KDWPT certified instructor. Once a teacher has completed the training, their school is eligible to purchase an equipment kit.

What’s in a Kit?

  • 11 universal draw length bows
  • 5 dozen aluminum arrows
  • 5 targets
  • 1 30’ backstop safety net
  • 11 arm guards
  • 1 repair kit
  • 1 floor rack for hanging bows

How About the Cost?

Thanks to the support of the archery industry, the $5,000 equipment kit can be purchased by schools for about $3,000. Any teacher who completes a training session will receive $500 per building towards the purchase of a kit. If your school will host a Basic Instructor Training, that school will earn $1,500!! Get more than one school in your area to participate and you can combine your incentives to purchase a shared kit.

  • High School Hosts $1,500
  • Middle School teacher $ 500
  • Elementary teacher $ 500

For a total of $2,500!!!!

Why Educators Like the Program:

  • Adds diversity and interest to the classroom
  • Teaches a life skill to PE students
  • Complies with state and national PE standards
  • Accessible to all Students

What the Teachers are saying:

  • School attendance is improved
  • Student behavior is improved all day
  • Kids of all genders, ages and abilities are successful
  • Students are buying personal archery equipment
  • After-school archery clubs are forming

Why the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is committed to the Kansas Archery in the Schools Program

The program introduces archery as a fun, lifelong activity to young people. In addition to gaining a healthy pastime, future archers and bowhunters will provide needed funding and general support for hunter education and for wildlife conservation efforts. Federal excise taxes on archery equipment directly support hunter education program efforts in Kansas through federal assistance in wildlife restoration. Many of the students that participate in the program will become shooters and shooting supporters. Many will become bowhunters.

NASP web site