Advanced Hunter Education Classes

The Department has begun offering Advanced Hunter Education classes on specific types of hunting. Courses such as beginning waterfowl, goose, upland bird, deer and varmint hunting will be offered. The classes will be basic instruction in the type hunting listed. These courses are taught by volunteers. The classes will be listed here as they are scheduled by the instructors.

These Advanced Hunter Education classes do NOT substitute for a required Hunter Education Course.


City: Barton Co. - Great Bend

Location: Great Bend Police Range

Type: Advanced Hunter Education Course

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015

Contact: Tim Boxberger

Time: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Other Information:

These classes will teach specific topics above and beyond that of Hunter Education, Bowhunter Education or Furharvester Education. Topics may include gun care and cleaning, CPR and First Aid (by certified instructors), wing shooting, pistol shooting, muzzleloader shooting and care, game animal cleaning and meat processing, etc. Some classes will require the student to be Hunter Ed certified. There may be an age restriction. These classes will not certify anyone to purchase a hunting license in Kansas.

 This Kansas Advanced Hunter Education class will be a class concentrating on the proper care of your firearm before and after the hunt. Participants are encouraged to bring their, rifle and/or shotgun and corresponding ammunition to the class. Shotguns will be patterned in advance of Spring Turkey season. Rifles will be shot over a chronograph and information input into a ballistics program. Proper cleaning procedures as well as a discussion of ballistics will also be covered. Students will go home with their shotgun pattern board and/or their ballistic sheets showing the trajectory of their individual firearm. 

Email the instructor at if you have questions.

A minimum of 7 students will be required to have the class.  Registration will be available Jan 27 at