OWLS Area Possibilities

Each site may be customized to the available landscape and designed to achieve specific learning objectives. OWLS areas may range from a small plot of native shrubs and prairie, with a small pool in a corner of the school yard, to sites that feature several of the following possibilities:

  • Feeding stations for birds, squirrels, etc.
  • Shrubs that represent woody songbird plantings.
  • Butterfly and/or hummingbird gardens.
  • Stands of native prairie managed by prescribed burning or mowing.
  • Woody plantings that include trees and shrubs to be used as nesting, cover, food, and perching sites (may be associated with feeding stations).
  • Nesting structures for songbirds, geese, and small mammals.
  • Trails through woodland and prairie sites.
  • Water: a lined pond, ground level tank, or developed wetland incorporating wetland plant species.