Request For Environmental Review

The following information should be submitted when requesting an environmental review:

  1. For all environmental review requests, the applicant should review the county list of Threatened and Endangered species and identify whether any designated critical habitats will be impacted by the proposed project. 
  2. Attach plans and information to fully describe the proposed action. The information should include sufficient detail to permit determination of how the action will affect threatened and endangered wildlife. Information needed includes but is not limited to: engineering plans or sketch of proposed work, map showing how the action will alter the landscape, complete description of any construction work to be accomplished including location and size of excavation and fill areas, and any other information pertinent to the proposed action. Also include section, township and range information. 
  3. Attach an aerial photo or sketch map of areas to be affected by the proposed action showing existing land and vegetative cover characteristics. Details to be shown include woodland, rangeland, tame pasture, cropland, wetlands, stream, water impoundments, and any other appropriate characteristics. Description of streams within the affected area including channel geometry (average width, depth, etc) and categorize affected stream habitat as pool, riffle, run, or a combination. Describe the stream bottom (e.g., silt, sand, gravel, rubble, bedrock, etc).


Send this via email* or mail to :

 Ecological Services Section
 Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks
 512 SE 25th Ave
 Pratt, KS67124
 620-672-2972 (fax)

*Email attachments will have to be sent following initial correspondence.