A Future For Kansas Wildlife

Black-footed Ferret

Photo by Bob Gress

The Kansas Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan, entitled "A Future for Kansas Wildlife," has been finalized. The theme of Kansas' Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan (CWCP) is "Keeping Common Species Common." A major premise of Kansas' approach to developing the CWCP was to use existing information - not to start from scratch or conduct new studies. The process relied heavily on experts and interested parties participating in the process to bring the best available information into the plan.

More than 200 technical experts were identified and contacted, including KDWP staff. Technical information on species, regions, habitats, population status and trend, and habitat status and trend was compiled into a 120-page workbook that served as the basis for "Kansas' Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan Summit" held on the campus of Kansas State University on February 22-23, 2005. Seventy conference participants, consisting of individuals from academia, as well as conservation agencies and organizations, focused on issues, strategies, research and survey needs, and monitoring protocols, and potential partnerships important in implementation.

KDWP wishes to thank those participants and potential partners. For a list of participating agencies, organizations and educational institutions, click here.

KDWP wishes to thank the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA), through Teaming with Wildlife, for taking a leadership role in the funding of the State Wildlife Grant (SWG) program, in assisting the states in meeting the planning requirements of SWG, and ever keeping the importance of the program in the public eye.

KDWP also wishes to thank the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for their expert assistance and guidance throughout the process.

The plan has been reviewed by the National Acceptance Advisory Team (NAAT). On October 12, 2005 it was approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.