Central Grasslands All Bird Workshop

Participants – Mike Carter, Greg Kramos, Galen Wiens, Rob Unruh, Todd Pesch, Toby Marlier, Jeff Rue, Kerrie Kirkpatrick, Marvin Kraft, Greg Nichols, Ron Ruthstrom, Aaron Deters, Charles Cope, Robert Barbee, Michael Watkins, Todd Gatton, Randy Clark, Suzanne Fellows, Karl Grover, Gene Schneweis, Jerry Ney, Steve Moran, Ted Alexander, Helen Hands (session leader), Lloyd Fox (facillitator), and Bruce Taggart (recorder).

Methods – The group was divided into 3 subgroups: grasslands, public land wetlands, and private land wetlands. Each subgroup was asked to list the 10 most important conservation issues related to their subgroup. Then the whole BCR group was reconvened and each individual in the whole group was asked to vote for the top 3 issues in each of the 3 categories and the top 3 issues overall. The top 3 issues overall were: 1) conversion of grassland to cropland, 2) competition between conservation and commodity payments in the Farm Bill, and 3) farmers do not trust government agencies and lack coordination in interagency program delivery, and are highlighted in blue. The first 2 issues tied for first. Note that whole BCR rankings and subgroup rankings were not well correlated. Then the 3 subgroups were asked to develop strategies to deal with the top 3 issues for their respective category. Below is a listing of all the issues listed (in priority order) and the strategies identified to deal with the top 3 issues for each category.