Tuttle Creek State Park News

Scenic campsite

Lake Conditions

The lake is 4.0 feet above CONSERVATION POOL. The current release is 10,000 cfs. 


 The Friends Group is hosting a camper breakfast this Saturday at ManKan shelter.  No cost for registered campers.

The Kansas State Parks' Passport! The Kansas State Parks' Passport is available only during your Kansas motor vehicle registration process (new or renewal). It is available at a motor vehicle registration office, through the online vehicle registration site (www.kswebtags.org), or when renewing by mail. The parks' passport only costs $15.50 and is good for a full twelve months (one year) same as your vehicle registration. The park passport expires the same day your vehicle registration expires. For more information, contact Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, Pratt Operations Office at 620-672-5911 or call your state park office. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get out and enjoy all the awesome KS State Parks - Get Your Kansas State Parks' Passport! If people choose not to purchase it in this fashion, they still can purchase an annual permit at the park and it is $25.00 and good for a calendar year, or a daily permit at $5. Senior or disabled individuals can purchase an annual at park office for calendar year for $13.75.

Winter Closings - Water remains on at a few River Pond Campsites.  Please use caution though.  Disconnect hoses for spigots, etc. at night to prevent freeze-ups.

Water facilities are closed except for a few water sites in River Pond area and flush toilet building #2 in River Pond.  Vault toilets are open throughout the year.  Campgrounds are fully closed at Randolph, Cedar Ridge and Rocky Ford.

Office Hours

Park office is open 8am to 4:30PM Monday thru Friday. At other times please use the self-pay stations or gatehouses.

Cabin Reservation Update

Eleven cabins are available for rental. To reserve any Tuttle Creek cabins, contact the park office at 785-539-7941 or go to the KDWPT website www.ksoutdoors.com and reservations or go to www.reserveamerica.com

The River Pond can hold lots of birds and offer great birding opportunities.

Camping Information

Long term campsites are available, contact the park office for more information. Firewood is available by asking the park office or at gatehouses. Bagged ice is available at the campstore, office and gatehouses at River Pond. Both items are supplied by the Friends Group.


Trout season started November 1 at Willow Lake.  A trout permit is required. 

Willow Lake in River Pond stocked with Trout

A state park vehicle permit is required anytime while using a state park.


Fancy Creek Range

Pistol Shooting Range at Fancy Creek

The range is open every first and third full weekends of the month, plus the fourth Thursday. Hours of operation is 10AM until 4PM. Certified Range Masters are present to ensure safe operations. A user fee is required to use the range in addition to state park vehicle permits. Contact the park office for more details. Construction of the 50 meter range is complete.

Archery Range

 The latest addition to the range has been a elevated tower and a crossbow target. Cross bows are only allowed at the one designated target. The range is located in the River Pond Area. Special rules apply and consist of:

No broadheads allowed at the range.

Crossbows allowed only at the designated crossbow area.

Facility is open during daylight hours only

All arrows must be released from the firing line

Archers must shoot at the target which coincides with the correct yard range firing line.

No alcohol or drug usage allowed in the archery range.

Arrows cannot be released while anyone is down range.

There is no special usage fee, but a Kansas State Park vehicle permit is required.

Todd J. Lovin, Park Manager