Marais des Cygnes Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Variable with weather and ice.  See comments for La Cygne Wildlife Area.
Mallard migration rank

MMR = 0.

0 = No Mallards, 1 = Very Few Mallards, 5 = Moderate Numbers, 10 = Peak

Water levels Water levels good nearly everywhere.
Hunting/ Habitat conditions

Frozen.  Ice is rotten and may have water on top of the ice.  Expect ice to strengthen and build with predicted temperatures from Friday through Wednesday of next week.

Wetland vegetation is generally good with the exception of Unit G.  Unit G is being held full and will be lake-like for regular waterfowl season.

Hunting success Last week (Dec 25 thru Jan 1):  12 ducks / 50 hunters = 0.2 hunter success.  Season:  2,048 ducks / 2,142 hunters = 1.0 success.

La Cygne Wildlife Area:  Good duck numbers observed early in the week at La Cygne Wildlife Area.  The 399th Street boat ramp is frozen in, but the Marina boat ramp is still usable. A Linn County Parks pass is required to launch at the Marina. 

All hunters must check-in daily using iSportsman electronic check-in from a PC, smartphone, or by phone before hunting and check out at the end of the hunt regardless of harvest.  We now have a zero tolerance policy on failure to comply with iSportsman and check station requirements. Please remember to fill out the check-out report with accurate information. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE MANAGEMENT OF THE AREA. FILL OUT ONLY YOUR INDIVIDUAL HARVEST EFFORTS, i.e., NOT A GROUP HARVEST TOTAL.  Go to:

Outboard motors are restricted on this wildlife area and are allowed in Unit G and in the boat lane only in Unit A-East. Outboards are not allowed in any other wetland units. Electric trolling motors are unrestricted. Boats must be operated at wakeless speed.  Boats must have sufficient PFDs for occupants.

Go to MDCWA and click the "News" icon near the top for more information on general waterfowl habitat.  Waterfowl report is updated only if there are significant changes in waterfowl numbers or hunting conditions.