New for 2019

BOWFISHING: It is unlawful to take blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish with archery equipment in rivers and streams.

WILD-CAUGHT BAITFISH: The maximum mesh size for dip and cast nets used to catch baitfish has been increased from 1/2-inch to 1-inch.

PADDLEFISH: To assist law enforcement in preventing paddlefish from being poached for their eggs, new regulations govern the amount of paddlefish eggs that can be possessed, as well as transportation of paddlefish eggs and harvested paddlefish. See Paddlefish.

TROPHY SUNFISH: To create trophy sunfish angling, a 6- to 9-inch slot length limit is in effect for bluegill, redear sunfish, green sunfish and their hybrids at Jewell State Fishing Lake, Lake Lenexa, Miami State Fishing Lake and Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake No. 2. The daily creel limit is five sunfish that are 9 inches long or longer and unlimited for sunfish 6 inches long or shorter. (These are not all the changes to length limits, so be sure to check “Locations, Length and Creel Limits”)

FREE FISHING DAYS: 2019 Free Fishing Days are June 1 and 2.

YOUTH/MENTOR WATERS: At Youth/Mentor locations licensed adults may fish only if accompanied by a person younger than 16 who is actively engaged in fishing. Youth/Mentor Waters include Dodge City Demon Lake, Elk City State Park Pond, Fall River State Park Pond, Kanopolis State Park Pond, Melvern Mentoring Pond, Pratt Kids Pond, and Wilson State Park Pond.

NEW TROUT WATERS: Lake LeClere in Coffeyville and Eisenhower State Park Pond have been added to the list of Type 1 Trout Waters. See the Trout section.