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Prohibited Species as Bait

Species listed as prohibited may NOT be possessed live or utilized as live bait.
Species which are listed as threatened, endangered, or in need of conservation
may NOT be used as bait. Any other LEGALLY TAKEN wildlife, subject to the
restrictions listed in “Wild-Caught Bait” (see Page 9) may be used, including sport
fish of legal length taken by hook and line.

Commercial Bait

The following DEAD species of wildlife may be commercially sold in Kansas
for fishing bait:

  • gizzard shad
  • threadfin shad
  • silver carp
  • bighead carp
  • skipjack herring
  • emerald shiners

Colby-Villa High Lake, Mined Land WA Unit #30 and Sherman County Smoky
Gardens Lake have changed from a Type 2 trout water to a Type 1 - ALL
anglers fishing at these waterbodies are now required to possess a trout permit
from Nov.1-April 15.

Youth Designation

Persons under the age of 18 can fish waters designated as youth fishing
only waters. Youth/Mentoring: Licensed adults, 18 years or older, may fish
Youth/Mentor designated waters only if accompanied by a person younger
than 18 years of age, who is actively engaged in fishing.

Reservoir Regulation Changes

Bone Creek Reservoir:

  • Largemouth Bass - 18-inch minimum length limit
  • 5 fish daily creel limit

Cedar Bluff Reservoir:

  • Walleye - 21-inch minimum length limit
  • 5 fish daily creel limit
  • Except up to 2 walleye greater than 15 inches but less than 18 inches may be included in the 5 fish daily creel

Marion Reservoir:

  • Walleye - 18-inch minimum length limit
  • 3 fish daily creel limit
  • No more than 1 fish 21 inches or longer

Tuttle Creek Reservoir:

  • Blue Catfish - 10 fish daily creel limit
  • No more than 1 fish 30 inches or larger