Marion Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl Numbers Current waterfowl numbers are low and have been changing day to day.
Mallard Migration Rating Current Rating=0 The rank is subjective and is from (0= No Mallards, 1=Very few Mallards, 5=Moderate numbers, 10= Peak numbers).
Water level Lake level is currently 1347.11 (Conservation pool is 1350.50)
Hunting conditions


Lake levels have been below conservation pool for all of 2018. Many of the boat ramps are closed.

There has been very good moist soil production on the shoreline and mudflats (yellow nut sedge, smartweed, barnyard grass), however, this vegetation does not have significant flooding yet. Crops in the areas surrounding the reservoir have been poor due to drought this year.

0% Ice coverage.

Expected hunting success Poor.
Comments Remember Marion Reservoir has ZEBRA MUSSELS. Make sure to Clean, Drain and Dry your equipment. Clean all visible vegetation and mud from decoys, bags, waders, etc. Drain water from decoy bags and boats. Allow equipment to Dry for a five day period before using it at another area, OR wash with high-pressure hot water. Many of the roads around the reservoir can get very greasy after rain, or melting snow, please use good judgement about which roads you try to travel on.