Rooks State Fishing Lake News

2018 Update

The lake started the year nearly full and declined only to a foot below full by mid-summer.  Rains in August have fully filled the lake. The access gates on the Area are open and will remain open until November 1, 2017.  The area around the restroom, boat ramp and walkway to the shelter house is open year round. 

Restocking of 8 - 13" channel catfish was done in early August of 2017.  Stockings of fingerlings of large mouth bass and bluegills were done earlier in 2017. 

Continuing in the fall of 2018, the Northern half of the Area has been designated as Hunting By Special Permit Only. Mentor/novice deer hunts will be awarded for the area this fall. Check the Special Hunt application for 2018 for available hunts.

Rooks Area Map

Fall Hunting Forecast:

Dove; some doves may be harvested near trees associated with creek drainage.

Upland birds; a limited number of quail and a few pheasants are present.

Turkey; opportunities exist to harvest a turkey in the fall as birds travel along the drainage.

Deer; white-tail and occasionally mule deer are present on the area.

Spring Hunting Forecast:

Turkey; Limited opportunities exist to harvest a turkey in the spring. However, success is directly proportional to the amount of hunting pressure. As hunting pressure increases, turkeys are pushed off the area and success decreases.

If you have questions, please contact Michael Zajic, Area Manager at 785-425-6775 or at