bBenedictine Bottoms Wildlife Area News

Area News

The hunting on Benedictine Bottom will be a mixed bag this season. Due to flooding throughout the spring and summer, there will be poor habitat for upland bird but good habitat for waterfowl. Upland habitats were severely damaged by the 4 months of flooding, native habitats in many areas were completely killed by the flooding.

As a result of flooding and severely reduced habitat, NO upland bird special hunt permits will be issued in 2019.

Deer hunting should be good again this year also. Numbers appear to be about the average, and a couple of larger bucks have been seen.

Area open in the month of September only to hunting for the dove and teal seasons. Non-toxic shot is required for all shotgun hunting. All other hunting on the wildlife area is regulated through a drawing in the department's special hunts program.

There are no dove fields on this area in 2019 due to flooding throughout the spring and summer!