Perry Wildlife Area News

Five managed Dove fields are located on the Perry Wildlife Area totaling about 80 acres. ALL DOVE FIELDS ON PERRY WILDLIFE AREA ARE NON-TOXIC SHOT ONLY. All fields are sunflowers with the centers of the fields mowed out for hunters to sit around the perimeter of each field. A field is located just South of the area office near 174th and Finney Rd to the East of Finney Rd. and totals 18.6 acres. The refuge Dove field is located North of 190th Rd. East of Swabville and totals 13.9 acres. The refuge Dove field and everything North of 190th Rd. will be closed to all hunting/access and will open for hunters on Monday September 3rd. A field is located just south of the information kiosk on 190th Rd. East of Swabville and totals 20.9 acres. A field is located just Southeast of the intersection of 130th and Edwards Rd. and totals 12.5 acres. The last field is the youth/disabled field which is 15 acres and located just south of 154th Rd and West of Ferguson Rd. in the Youth and Mentor/Handicapped field. Each adult must be accompanied by an actively hunting youth to be hunting this field.

Maintain safe shooting distances between hunting parties and always know what lies beyond your target. It is highly recommended that hunters where safety/shooting glasses within the dove fields to prevent potential injury due to falling pellets.

Detailed maps and information will be posted on the Perry Wildlife Area web page.

Perry Wildlife Area is included in the electronic permitting system iSportsman. This system, which will streamline data gathering for management purposes and be convenient for hunters, has taken the place of the old paper dove survey card system. Hunters can register at any time by going to, and clicking on “Register” to create a permit. Once you obtain a permit and are ready to hunt, click on login, then enter login ID and password to “check-in” daily for hunts. After you are done hunting, you will “check-out” and record any harvest you may have from the hunt. You are also able to check-in/check-out by telephone or smart phone. iSportsman is mandatory for all hunters pursuing any type of game on the Perry Wildlife Area.

For additional information go to: or call Public Lands Section at 620-672-5911.