Rutlader Wildlife Area

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Rutlader Wildlife area consists of a mix of farmland and old fields divided by brushy draws. Approximately 15 acres of native grass field borders have been planted. Fields are typically planted to sunflowers, wheat, millet, and clover. Decent hunting opportunities can be expected for cottontails, doves, turkey, and white-tailed deer. Rutlader is divided into two tracts by Metcalf Rd. Special care should be taken when hunting at Rutlader because neighboring houses and the Rutlader Outpost RV Park border the Wildlife Area. 

Hunting is permitted with shotgun, archery, and muzzleloader only

Area News - Updated: 08/17/2017

Rutlader Wildlife Area News

Dove Hunting

Brown top millet (3 acres) and wheat (6 acres) fields will be available for dove hunting in 2017. Dove field maps are available under the General Information tab or at the Hillsdale State Park office.

Only non-toxic shot is permitted - No lead


Hunting is permitted with shotgun, archery, and muzzleloader only. 

General Information

Manager: Eric Kilburg
Phone: (913) 783-4507

Special Regulations
  • Vehicles are only permitted in designated parking areas.
  • Camping is prohibited
  • Alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverages are prohibited
  • Hunting is permitted with shotgun, archery, and muzzleloader only
  • No Trash Policy - Please take your trash with you

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


Mr. James Rutlader donated approximately 125 acres to Kansas Wildlife and Parks in 1989 for the purpose of preserving the property as a wildlife management area.

Rutlader Facilities