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  • Youth Hunting Opportunities Increase at Cedar Bluff 

2017 Cedar Bluff Dove Fields

Cedar Bluff Dove Fields (KMZ file) (OCTET-STREAM 1.48 kB)

For the 2017 Mourning Dove season there will be two managed dove fields available on the Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area. The Page Creek field is a mowed sunflower field that is open to all hunters. This is a traditional dove field located at the south end of Page Creek on the south side of AA Road.The second field is a sunflower field that is open to Youth Mentor hunting. This field is located east of Hwy 147 adjacent to the park entrance.

Mandatory Hunter Survey Cards will be required of all hunters and will be available at each field for the first week of dove season.

In addition to the managed dove fields there is 10,000 acres open to public hunting.  Doves can also be found on the Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area near roosts, mid day loafing areas and water sites.  For more infomation contact Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area Manager Kent Hensley.



Youth Hunting Opportunities at Cedar Bluff

The Kansas Dept of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism began implementing strategies in September 2011 to increase the amount of youth hunting opportunities on the Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area. Approximately 1000 acres that was previously refuge area are now be managed as a Youth / Mentor hunting area. Opening these areas to hunting provides quality youth and mentor hunting opportunities for whitetail deer, uplands birds and waterfowl. Only walk in access will be allowed and vehicles should utilize approved parking areas.

Youth hunters 17 years of age and younger will be eligible to hunt in these areas but must be accompanied by a licensed mentor 18 years of age of older. The mentor may hunt and only one mentor is allowed per hunting youth. Mentors may take more than one youth.

 All areas will be posted with appropriate signage. Nearly 800 acres in the North Cove 1 / Threshing Machine area will be open to youth / mentor hunting for any species and 200 acres east of the dam will be open to shotgun and archery hunting only. 500 acres of land and 250 acres of water in the southern portion will remain refuge and Closed to All Activities.

For additional information contact Wildlife Area Manager Kent Hensley - (785) 726-3212 or kent.hensley@ksoutdoors.com