Norton Wildlife Area

Keith Sebelius Reservoir/ Norton Wildlife Area News

2016 Hunting Updates

With rains in early September bringing the lake level up nearly 3.5 feet there is plenty of flooded vegetation for waterfowl. It provides good cover for birds as well as good places to hide for hunters. 

The brome conversion that has been taking place has provided plenty of brood rearing cover and weedy habitat for upland birds. With timely rains during the growing season the uplands have plenty of grass and forbs for upland species and should provide decent hunts.

The spring rain also helped with fawn rearing for deer. The thick vegetation provides does with areas to hide their fawns and then escape into. This should keep deer on the property and provide lots of opportunity for deer hunters.

There has been a change to the refuge area this year. Please notice that the refuge goes all the way north to the property line and is NOT open to public hunting. We will be holding youth archery hunts in the new portion of the refuge. To enter into the drawing to win one of these hunts please visit and look under the special hunts tab.