Sherman Wildlife Area

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The area was built primarily for fishing, but since construction the lake has leaked severely to the point that, when flows fill the lake, the lake is dry again within two years. The area is now managed primarily for wildlife except for short periods when there is fishable water in the lake.

This is one of the only areas in Sherman County where wildlife is the top priority. The area provides walk-in access only to reduce wildlife disturbances and improve hunting opportunities. Whitetail, Mule deer, pheasants and rabbits are the primary species found on the area. When the lake has water in the fall it can produce excellent waterfowl hunting. Demand for public hunting opportunity exceeds the supply, especially for deer and pheasant, on this small wildlife area. Habitat management includes periodic short-term intense spring grazing, control burns and food plots of milo, corn, legumes and wheat.

Area News - Updated: 07/11/2011

Current News

User Survey Implemented on Sherman Wildlife Area

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism will be implementing a user survey on the Sherman Wildlife Area. The survey program is already used successfully throughout Kansas and will provide visitation, man-days and other important data for all recreational uses that occur on the Sherman area. More specifically the survey will provide better hunter / harvest data which will assist with future wildlife management on the area.

The free survey card will be available at the kiosk located at the main entrance near Smoky Gardens. Each user must acquire a survey card to access the area. The card will be a two piece survey in which the user will complete the top portion when they arrive and place in the survey box. The bottom portion will remain in the user possession while on the area and then completed and placed in the survey box at the end of the outing.

We appreciate you assistance and understanding in the implementation of this survey and look forward to the acquired data and continued improvements on the Sherman Wildlife Area. If you have questions please contact Kent Hensley at (785) 726-3212 or

General Information

Manager: Kent Hensley
Phone: (785) 726-3212

Located seven miles South, two miles West and two miles South of Goodland, Kansas.

A Google Map is now available:

Sherman Google Earth (kmz file)

Special Regulations
  • Vehicles are restricted to maintained roads and parking lots.
  • Drinking water is not available.
  • Steel shot is required for waterfowl hunting.
  • Consult the annual hunting, fishing and furharvesting regulations for more complete rules and regulations that apply to Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism areas.
  • Camping is not allowed on the Sherman Wildlife Area but is allowed at Smoky Gardens to the East.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


Sherman State Lake was constructed on the North Fork of the Smoky Hill River in 1965.

Sherman Facilities
Sherman Main Info. Center
  • Type of Facility: Information Center
  • Location of Facility: N39 11 28.73 W10145 52.85
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    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>Located at the main entrance on the East side of the property.</paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    Located at the main entrance on the East side of the property.

Sherman West Parking Area
  • Type of Facility: Parking Area
  • Location of Facility: N39 11 54.78 W101 48 04.45
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    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>Located at the Northwest corner of the property.</line></paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    Located at the Northwest corner of the property.

Sherman East Parking Area
  • Type of Facility: Parking Area
  • Location of Facility: N39 11 19.48 W101 46 48.58
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    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>Located at the East end of the dam.</line></paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    Located at the East end of the dam.