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2020 Managed Dove Fields (PDF - 2.70 MB)

There will be 3 managed dove fields at Wilson Wildlife Area, all of which are planted to sunflowers. Portions of all fields will be mowed prior to dove opener.

2 fields are located on the North side of the reservoir accessed from 193rd Street. The first field is located straight South 0.5 miles of the intersection of Mellard Road and 193rd Street. It is located on the West side of the road access that dead-ends to the river. This field is a Youth - Mentor Only field from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15! The adult may hunt with the youth at this field. The second field is approximately a half mile East of the first field, located on the North side of 193rd Street. This field is open to all hunters.

The third field is located on the South side of the reservoir accessible from Reservoir Road. This field is located 4.5 miles east of the intersection at 192nd Street and Land Road. From 192nd Street it will be East on Land Road for 2.5 miles, then South on Reservoir Road for 0.5 miles, then East on Salt Creek Lane for 1.6 miles and then the field will be on the West side of the road at a T-intersection. This field is open to all hunters.

Please refrain from blocking any field entrances and/or gates while accessing this field.

Visit the Wilson Wildlife Area website for field maps.

2020 Dove Field 1

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2020 Dove Field 2

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Wilson Wildlife Area Wildlife Refuge Boundary Map (PDF - 4.80 MB)

The refuge is closed to all access September 1 through January 31 except by special permit only.  This map is to be used for general reference only. Signs will mark the actual refuge boundary. Use the posted signs as the true boundary.