Byron Walker Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers

Hunters! Bids closed for the NAWCA wetland project as of 10/17/2017.  We started moving dirt the week of November 13.  As a result, many of the marshes west of Kingman State Lake and also the bison marsh will not be flooded in 2017 as the dikes will be newly constructed and won't have vegetation established.  Please bear with us on this project and the ultimate results will provide improved waterfowl attraction in the future!  Also, a new kayak/canoe launch has been installed on the dam just west of the refuge line to aid launching boats across the rip rap.   

Currently, approximately 300 ducks and 300-500 geese are using Kingman State Lake and the river.  Have had days last week where several thousand snow geese moved onto the lake, but left a couple of days later. Caution: 4 Trumpeter Swans have been seen at the lake and are protected.   

Water level Kingman State Fishing Lake is 3/4 full with levels 1 foot low and boat access limited in the western 1/3 of the lake.  All marshes are dry. Much of the lake is frozen over today, but warmer weather mid-week should open that up.  
Hunting conditions   WARNING-New rip rap has been added to the Kingman State Lake dam and until the metal has been removed, it poses a hazard to hunters, fishermen, and their dogs. 
Expected hunting success Limited.
Comments We have installed a canoe/kayak launch just west of the refuge line on the dam.  Please let us know if there are ways to improve this new facility.  We did place a gravel path along side the launch to give users a safer walking surface than the current rip rap.