Buffalo Ranch News

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The Berentz-Dick Wildlife Area, also known as the Buffalo Ranch, is located in the Cross-Timbers region of Kansas and is comprised of 1360 acres of native grass, oak timber and ponds.  The property is called the Buffalo Ranch due to the fact it was used to graze buffalo in the 1950's. The property was purchased by a donation by Lynn Berentz from Max Dick in 1993. 

The Berentz-Dick Wildlife Area (Buffalo Ranch) requires a mandatory check in to be completed by NON HUNTING PERSONS prior to entering the property. Registration Iron Rangers are located at two points of entry.  These are found on the east central parking lot off the blacktop road and one on the northwest entrance parking lot. A portion of this card is carried while in the field, and the second portion is deposited in the collection box.  When exiting the property, the carried portion is completed and deposited in the collection box as well.

The I-Sportsman Daily Hunt Permit System is operational for this property. THIS IS A MANDATORY CHECK-IN FOR ALL HUNTERS.   This is a free service and for all hunters and the traditional paper card system is not to be used.  Hunters can check in electronically prior to hunting and then complete the survey when finished hunting. The web site to register and check in is found at https://kdwpt.isportsman.net or by Phone at 1-844-500-0825.  Hunters must register on-line for an account before their first check in. 

Sunflowers were planted in 2018, and have been extensively damaged by deer. Hunters should scout prior to hunting. NON-TOXIC SHOT is required for hunting while dove field management signs are posted. Lead shot may be used when non-toxic shot required signs are removed.

The area is open to hunting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays only with shotgun or archery only.  No muzzle loaders or center fire rifles are allowed.  Rimfire .22 caliber is only allowed in conjunction with trapping activities.