Dove Flats Wildlife Area News

Area News

 Dove Hunting - Due to wet and cold spring conditions, sunflowers were not planted in the 10 acre food plot.  Volunteer sunflowers were allowed to grow in the plot and may provide some dove hunting opportunities, and will provide excellent upland habitat.  Sunflowers need to be planted in Mid-April to early May to ensure they are matured and dried down by the first week of August for mowing and field preparation for dove hunting.  Sunflowers do not survive and grow well in wet and cool conditions such as we had this spring on the area.

Dove Hunters will be required to sign in with the paper cards prior to hunting and to use non-toxic shot during the first week of season. 

4 Grass strips were burned in the spring of 2017 for woody control and to open up ground cover.  Additional trees were hinge cut or were cut and stacked for brush pile habitat structure.