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2017 Dove Hunting Opportunities at Fall River Wildlife Area


           Six dove field hunting areas totaling about 132 acres will be managed for dove hunting this year at Fall River Wildlife Area. These areas will be managed to attract doves. Fields at Fall River Wildlife Area suffered due to continual rains and flooding that took place this past spring, largely preventing the successful growing of sunflowers. Fair hunting opportunities are expected.


Dove hunting areas 1, 2, 4, and 5 are fields of mowed leftover wheat strips. Area 3 contains approximately 16 acres of partially mowed sunflowers. Area 6 is made up of two fields on opposite sides of the road, totaling about 28 acres of late planted sunflowers expected to mature and produce seed later in the dove season.

Hunters will be required to use only non-toxic shot in managed dove fields at Fall River Wildlife Area. Managed dove fields will be designated with "NON-TOXIC SHOT ONLY" signs and will be fields that have been planted in sunflowers or fields of mowed leftover wheat strips.

            For more information concerning managed dove hunting at Fall River Wildlife Area contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism at: 620-583-6783.