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John Redmond  Waterfowl Report

The 1637 acre John Redmond Wildlife Area lies on both sides of Otter Creek which flows into John Redmond Reservoir along its southwest shoreline. There are approximately 200 acres of riparian area and 465 acres of cropland. Approximately 970 acres that are native grass or have at sometime been planted to native grasses. Up to 75 percent of the wildlife area is very heavily flood proned and it is difficult to sustain a good permanent cover such as native grass on the area.

The management objective for John Redmond Wildlife Area is to provide the public with a quality outdoor experience, managing the wildlife and wildlife habitat with an ecological based approach, while providing quality hunting, fishing and other outdoor opportunities. Species managed for include deer, turkey, quail, doves, and waterfowl .

Manager – John Johnson
Phone - (620) 637-2748

738 Fegan Rd.
Toronto,KS    66777
Area News - Updated: 01/26/2005

Area News

General Information
738 Fegan Rd.
Toronto, KS    66777

Manager – John Johnson
Phone - (620) 637-2748

Special Regulations
  • Starting this Fall (2007), deer hunting will be restricted to Shotgun and Archery Only.
  • Off Road vehicles, including ATV’s and horse use is prohibited.
  • Only Steel Shot may be used on the area.

Special Features: John Redmond Wildlife Area is bordered on the west by the Fish & Wildlife Services, Flinthills Wildlife Area, and on the southeast by Corps of Engineers property. The user needs to be aware of these boundaries, as hunting regulations do differ from agency to agency.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


The Kansas Fish and Game Commission entered into a lease agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1964 to lease 1637 acres along the southwest side of John Redmond Reservoir .

John Redmond Waterfowl Report - 01/24/2020
Waterfowl numbers 2,000 divers, 1,500 dark geese  and 30,000 Light geese.
Water level Current Level: 1043.1 Conservation Pool Level: 1041
Hunting conditions

Teal ----Sept. 14-29. 2019

Youth Duck---- Nov. 2-3 2019

Duck---- Nov. 9, 2019- Jan. 5, 2020, and Jan. 11-26, 2020

Dark Geese- Oct. 26-27, 2019 and Nov. 6, 2019 through Feb. 12, 2020

 Light Geese- Oct. 26-27, 2019 and Nov. 6, 2019 through Feb. 16, 2020

Due to extreme high water throughout much of the summer months, vegetation is exceedingly poor on the reservoir this year.  Watch out for submerged timber and flood debris, throughout the lake.

Edges and creeks are starting to ice, and conditions are changing daily, dependent on weather.

Below Dam- Lower marsh is 85% full, and vegetation looks pretty good.  Upper marsh is approx. 100% full, and also looks above average.    The DU Marsh on the east corner, has been planted to millet, and wheat on upper edges.  This areas is currently only 40% flooded.  All department managed marshes are open for public waterfowl hunting, and are located below John Redmond Dam south of spillway.  Beware, both the upper and lower marsh's contain some deep water in lower portions, well over 6 feet in depth.   The large sedimentation basins located below damn are not open to public hunting and are under private ownership. 

The smaller ponds and watersheds around county are iced up, and reservoir is starting to stack up with birds.  Birds are loafing and resting in rafts in middle of lake.

Expected hunting successFair


To see real time John Redmond elevations please visit----

Comments For information on Flint Hills National Wildlife Area and the marshes on the upper end of the lake please contact FHNWR @ 620-392-5553.