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August 28, 2018

WARNING -- Toxic levels of blue-green algae have been documented in the southeast corner of Unit G and in Boicourt Lake.  DO NOT let your dog drink or come in contact with the water at these sites -- death could result.  For more information about blue-green algae go to:  Blue-green Algae.


Unit A-East:  Very good with diverse moist-soil vegetation.  Lots of wild millet.  Should have good water for Early Teal Season.

Unit A-North:  Very good habitat dominated by wild millet and moist-soil plants.  Some Japanese millet planted.  Adequate water for Early Teal Season.

Unit C-South and F-East:  Good corn production, but corn harvest has not started yet.  Web-page will be updated as harvest and flooding of these units progresses.

Unit E:  Lee Lake and West Pool are nearly dry, South Pool has good water but lots of submerged vegation.  Trees are being removed to allow berms to be renovated next year.  Unit is dependent on fall runoff rains to fill.  Vegetation is only fair.

Unit F-South:  Excellent habitat dominated by annual smartweed and moist-soil plants.

Unit F-West:  Very good habitat dominated by wild millet and moist-soil plants.

Unit G:  This unit was dewatered very late and vegetation is still developing, but germination and early growth looks excellent.  Although food production will likely be good, plant stature may be short making it difficult for hunters to hide.  Enough water to attract teal but almost no cover for hunters near the pool of water.

Refuge Units:  Refuge units are in very good to excellent condition.  Refuges should provide habitat to hold good numbers of waterfowl through fall.

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River boat ramp:  The Marais des Cygnes River boat ramp located just north of E 1700 Rd is closed due to excessive silt accumulation.