Action taken by Wildlife and Parks Commission in March 13 public hearing

TOPEKA -- The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission has approved a variety of changes in deer hunting equipment and deer permits. The action came at a public hearing in Topeka March 13, and the changes take effect in the 2008 deer seasons.

Among changes in legal deer hunting equipment approved by the commission are the following:

  • Kansas deer hunters will be allowed to hunt with scopes on their muzzleloaders during the state’s early muzzleloader deer season. In the past, only open or peep sights were allowed during that early season, although scopes were allowed on muzzleloaders during the regular firearms season.
  • Regulations on broadhead types legal for archery hunting were amended to require points that are at least 7/8-inch wide, but now can be made of other than metal materials, such as knapped stone.
  • Crossbows of at least 125 pounds draw weight will be allowed during the regular firearms deer season.
  • Hard-cast lead bullets will be allowed in muzzleloaders and rifles.

Another regulation approved by the commission establishes the types of deer permits available, including the following:

  • A resident any-season white-tailed deer permit (available over the counter) which may be used during any season (early muzzleloader, archery, or firearms) with equipment legal for that season.
  • A non-resident white-tailed deer permit (available by drawing) valid within a deer management unit and one additional adjacent unit, hunting in the season (early muzzleloader, archery, or firearms) designated upon application. Transferrable non-resident permits will not be available.
  • A non-resident either-species, either-sex deer stamp – available in designated units and in limited numbers in a secondary drawing of applicants who draw an archery or muzzleloader-only white-tailed deer permit.
  • A special hunt-on-your-own-land deer permit available to individuals, regardless of residence, who are lineal ascendants or descendants (or spouses), as well as siblings of resident landowners. Transferrable hunt-on-your-own-land permits will not be available.