Park manager snags, relocates floating geocache boxes
GLEN ELDER — Due to flooding at Glen Elder Reservoir, locations for Glen Elder State Park’s caches in the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) geocache contest have changed. The original sites are now under water, and may be for quite some time.

The park manager was able to retrieve floating geocache boxes and reset them, so geocachers can still participate in the contest. New coordinates for the first cache box are N 98° 30.065 W 98° 19.359. Geocachers with questions should phone the park office at 785-545-3345 or KDWP’s Pratt Operations Office at 620-672-5911.

Now in its fourth year, the KDWPT geocaching contest began May 27. From then until Nov. 1, the game is to find two hidden caches at each Kansas state park, as well as a few other locations. The coordinates of one cache at each site and the official statewide KDWPT Geocaching Entry Form is posted on the KDWPT website, www.kdwp.state.ks.us. (Click “Other Services/Outdoor Activities/Geocaching.”)

Participants use hand-held global positioning systems (GPS) to locate and open the first cache, where they will find the coordinates of the second. Upon finding the second cache, the participant signs a log sheet and takes a certificate. Participants who show the certificate to that park office will receive a park-specific location ink pen. Cachers must retain each certificate to turn in with the downloadable entry form for point verification toward prizes.