Nov. 28, 2013Hunters must ask for permission before hunting on private landPRATT – Hunters can face serious penalties for hunting on private land without landowner permission, and however tempting a trophy-sized buck, or a pond covered in greenheads may be, the consequences will always outweigh the perceived reward. With firearm season just aro ... Read More

Nov. 28, 2013Hunters can register deer online at ksoutdoors.comPRATT ­– Dec. 4 marks the first day of firearm deer season this year and with new regulations giving hunters greater flexibility than ever before, the season offers something for anyone willing to weather the cold. From Dec. 4-15, hunters will have the opportunity to hunt deer with ... Read More

Nov. 28, 2013Venison is healthy culinary treat if cared for properlyPRATT – “Gamey,” “tough,” and “dry” are three adjectives that should never describe your deer meat, and if proper practices take place while in the field, the reward can be quite a culinary treat. Whether you are processing a deer for the first time, or are looking to try a dif ... Read More

Nov. 28, 2013 Joint effort will check for drivers’ licenses and possession of wildlife  PRATT – The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (KDWPT) and local law enforcement officials will conduct a joint checkpoint in south central Kansas in early December. The regular firearm deer season starts December 4, and upland game ... Read More