Mar. 28, 2013

KDWPT commissioners approve several changes related to legal hunting equipment

PRATT – The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) adopted a total of six regulations at the Mar. 21 commission meeting in Topeka. The newly-adopted changes simplify hunting regulations, allow more flexibility in legal equipment, and most importantly, provide additional opportunities for individuals interested in outdoor recreation.

Commissioners approved a recommendation to establish a fee for a nonresident combination either-sex/antlerless only whitetail permit, as directed by the 2012 legislature. The new permit fee was set at $315 and will provide nonresidents applicants successful in the drawing with a permit that includes two carcass tags, one valid for an antlered white-tailed deer or an antlerless deer and one for a white-tailed antlerless deer. The combo permit will be the only choice for nonresidents.

KDWPT staff also recommended simplified equipment regulations for big game and turkey that were approved. Big game hunters can now select any caliber centerfire rifle or handgun, any gauge shotgun with slugs, and any muzzleloader rifle and pistol .40 caliber or larger. Crossbows are now legal equipment during archery seasons for anyone with a valid archery permit. Turkey hunters are no longer restricted to 20-gauge shotguns or larger. All gauges will be allowed, using shot size No. 2 through No. 9.

Equipment regulations for turkey hunting allowing all shotgun gauges and crossbows during the archery season won’t take effect until April 19, 2013. Crossbows will also not be legal for archery hunters during the April 1-9 season (youth and hunters with disabilities can use any legal equipment, except shotguns smaller than 20 gauge).

Restrictions on electronic devices attached to bows were amended, allowing cameras, and rangefinders, as well as radio frequency devices attached to arrows, designed to make retrieval of hit deer more efficient.

The 2013 deer season was approved, including a pre-rut whitetail antlerless-only season mandated by the 2012 legislature, and the dates are as follows:

Youth and Disability, September 7, 2013 – September 15, 2013
Early Muzzleloader, September 16, 2013 – September 29, 2013
Archery, September 16, 2013 – December 31, 2013
Pre-Rut Whitetail antlerless only October 12, 2013 – October 13, 2013
Regular Firearms December 4, 2013 – December 15, 2013
Extended Whitetail antlerless only January 1, 2014 – January 12, 2014
Special Extended Whitetail antlerless only January 13, 2014 – January 19, 2014
Extended Archery (DMU 19) January 20, 2014– January 31, 2014

A complete copy of the aforementioned regulations and their perspective economic impact statements may be obtained electronically by visiting, by calling (785) 296-2281, or by writing the chairman of the commission at: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, 1020 S. Kansas Ave, Suite 200, Topeka, KS 66612.