June 20 Proclaimed American Eagle Day

June 20 Proclaimed American Eagle Day

PRATT – June 20, 2015 has been proclaimed “American Eagle Day” as a way to celebrate America’s living symbol of freedom, the bald eagle, and to bring attention to this magnificent species’ dramatic recovery.

For over 230 years, the bald eagle has served as the living symbol of all that America stands for: freedom, courage, strength, spirit, independence, and excellence. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism encourages outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts to take some time June 20 to celebrate this holiday by sharing these bald eagle facts with others:

-In the early 1960’s, the bald eagle population dropped to less than 500 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states.

-Thanks to the conservation efforts nationwide, there are an estimated 14-15,000 bald eagle pairs in the contiguous United States today.

-The Bald Eagle was removed from Endangered Species Act protection in 2007.

-Bald eagles typically build nests in large trees 50 or more feet above ground.

-A female bald eagle can lay anywhere from one to three eggs, all of which will be pure white.

-Immature bald eagles can often be mistaken for immature golden eagles.

-A bald eagle’s diet mainly consists of dead or injured waterfowl, dead or dying fish, and carrion.

-The best time to view bald eagles in Kansas is during the month of January; however, sightings can occur anytime between mid-October and mid-March. 

For information on annual eagle-viewing events, and to view photos of bald eagles, visit ksoutdoors.com.