Non-Resident Hunter Education “Crash” Course

Anyone hunting in Kansas who was born on or after 1 July 1957 must have completed an approved course in Hunter Education as per Kansas Law . Even if you are exempt in your home state, if you meet the age criteria you must have Hunter Education certification before you can hunt in Kansas.

Kansas recommends that you take your state's Hunter Education course. We accept certification from all states, Canadian provinces, Mexico and some other foreign countries.

Kansas now offers a "crash"course for hunters unable to take a course in their home state. This course is available to non-residents only. Anyone eligible for a resident hunting license is ineligible to take a crash course. It is a certification that is valid only in Kansas and only until 1 February of the year following completion. It is non-renewable. The fee is $25.00.

It is a two part course. In Part 1, the hunter will take the Free Kansas Hunter Education on-line. The hunter will print all of the test results and bring them to Part 2.

Part 2 consists of a three hour class with a certified Kansas Hunter Education Instructor who has been trained and certified to offer this crash course.This course will consist of training/testing of gun handling, field safety, Kansas laws and regulations, game identification. You must bring your own gun to the class. The laws of Kansas require that guns be transported unloaded. BRINGING A LOADED GUN TO CLASS WILL BE GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE FAILURE OF THE COURSE. There will be a written test. A temporary Hunter Education certification will be issued by the instructor after successful completion of the course.

Final determination of certification is solely at the discretion of the Crash Course Instructor.

You must register with the Hunter Education Section for whichever course you want at least two working days prior to the course date. You may call 620-672-5911 or register and pay the fee. Contact information for the instructor will be provided after collection of the course fee. The instructor will not certify unregistered hunters or hunters who do not have the IHEA internet course test results with them.

Courses are scheduled to support the Spring Turkey Season, Upland Bird Season and Archery and Firearms Deer Season. The "Crash" Course dates and locations listed here are the ONLY ones that will be offered.