Lunar Night! Little Jerusalem 10-30

Location: Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

Type: Open Park Night!

Date: Friday, October 30, 2020

Contact: Sara Kay Carrell

Phone No: 620-872-2061

Time: 5:00 pm

Other Information:

Please Read all information carefully! There are different types of events happening on Friday October 30th. Check back to make sure little details like start times, etc have not been modified! THANKS!!

Please come join us at Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park for an evening of Open Park Night at Little Jerusalem! Come to enjoy the sunset and the moon rise! The Park will be open for night hiking on the DESIGNATED TRAILS until 12:00am.  You do not need to call or email to reserve a space for the open park night. The open park night will be a come and go as you please!

There are off trail excursion options, but you must email to save a spot! Read on for details involving the off trail excursions! Please keep in mind that these opportunities to go down into the rock formations are NOT the typical education/informational tours. These off trail opportunities are designed to go hike and explore for locations in the rocks that offer good photographic opportunities! 

Friday, October 30th Sunset Excursion: Sunset off trail photo opportunity will begin at 5:00pm. Meet at the Ramada Overlook. Let’s enjoy a stroll off trail for photographing the sunset! Sunset is at 6:44pm. After the sunset, we will hike back to the parking lot on the Life on the Rocks Trail. We need to be back up on the trail by about 7:00pm. The moon rises at 6:40pm, so we will have some light to help us back! If you would like light to help navigate the trail back to the parking lot, please bring a red light! Please email Sara Kay at to save a spot! Space is limited! Don't wait long!

Friday October 30th Moon Rise Excursion: Moonrise off trail photo opportunity will begin at 7:15pm. Meet at the Ramada Overlook. (If I am not there, I am still on the trail making my way back! I’ll hurry!) Let’s enjoy some on trail and off trail photographing of the moon rising! Moon rise begins at 6:40 pm. Plan to be able to shoot moon photos off trail until about 9:30pm. Please bring a red light to help navigate to some photo areas off trail. Please no white lights to mess up our night vision! Light painting will be allowed for photography only. If we are lucky, we will have clear skies to have the moon’s full illumination and we will not need lights! Please email Sara Kay at to reserve a spot! Don't wait too long! Space is limited!!

Things to Remember:

Please dim light as you pull into the parking lot! Help visitors maintain their night vision!

Please bring red lights to navigate with! Red lights help maintain your night vision and the night vision of others around you!

Look at the forecast and dress for the weather!! Oakley and Scott City are the closest towns to help with weather planning.

Hope for clear skies!

No Camping allowed at Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park!

Please remember that an annual vehicle pass or a daily vehicle pass are necessary to enter the park. There is a SELF PAY station available at LJBSP. Cash or check only. No change is available. If you do not have an annual pass, the daily vehicle fee is $5.00 per vehicle.

For any further questions, please email Thanks!!