Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake No. 2 Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, and Location
Black Bass Slow to Fair 1/2 to 4 pounds The lake has good numbers of largemouth bass and a low level smallmouth bass population. The 2018 sample collected the most largemouth bass in 5 years and 32% were over 15 inches.  The 2018 sample also documented improved numbers of smallmouth bass with most of the fish being from 11 to 15 inches long.  Bass in this lake can be tough to catch because they have all seen a lot of lures. 
Channel Catfish Slow to Fair 3/4 to 3 pounds The lake is in the Urban Stocking Program and is frequently stocked with 12 to 18 inch channel catfish.  The most recent stocking was on September 26th of 550 pounds of channel catfish.  Total for 2018 the lake was stocked with 3,810 channel catfish.  Channel catfish creel at the lake is 5 a day.
Crappie Slow to Fair 1/4 to 1 pound The lake does not support a robust crappie population but there is usually some good crappie fishing in the spring. There are some artificial habitat structures just out from each dock that can be good in the winter and early spring.
General Comments

Pott. # 2 is noted for family outings, scenic views, catch and release bass fishing, harvest of small crappie and channel catfish. 

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