Shawnee State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, and Location
Largemouth Bass Good 1/2 to 5 pounds The lake has a very good population of largemouth bass and the 2018 sample produced the second highest abundance seen in the last decade.  In addition, there is a great size structure as 41% of the fish were over 15 inches. 
Crappie Fair 1/2 to 1 pound The crappie size structure continues to be dominated by small fish with only 6% of the crappie sampled in 2018 were over 10 inches.  
Channel Catfish Good 1/2 - 4 pounds

The lake is in the Urban Stocking Program and is frequently stocked with 12 to 18 inch channel catfish which leads to good catch rates of fish in this size range.  The third stocking of 2019 was on May 28th of 700 pounds of catfish.  So far this year the lake has received a total of 2,645 channel catfish.  Channel catfish daily limit is 5. 

The two fish feeders have been repeatedly vandalized and the program has been suspended at the lake.

General Comments

Located north of Silver Lake, Shawnee State Fishing Lake is the site of good catch and release largemouth bass fishing. The lake is also noted for channel catfish harvest since the lake receives frequent stockings of harvestable sized catfish from March through September. The Jeffrey Energy Center Lakes and Perry Reservoir both have zebra mussels and with Shawnee State Lake being close it is at high risk. Please, always clean your boat when moving to different water bodies.

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Fish habitat GPS coordinates Decimal Degrees Degrees Minutes
East end of dam cedar trees 39.200351 -95.801881 N 39 12.021 W 95 48.113
West end of dam cedar trees 39.200640 -95.805438 N 39 12.038 W 95 48.326
Out from ramp brush pile 39.201053 -95.801924 N 39 12.063 W 95 48.115